The projects developed for the exhibition “Still Cabanon” will be displayed next Saturday, July 21st, at Casa da Arquitectura, in Matosinhos. The exhibition will be inaugurated at 5pm and can be visited at Galeria da Casa until September 16th.

The exhibition “Still Cabanon” results from a challenge launched by Atelier do Corvo and OTIIMA ArtWorks to authors from different disciplinary areas such as art, architecture and design, and arose within the scope of the biennial Anozero’17 – Bienal de Arte Contemporânea de Coimbra. The architect Carvalho Araújo joined this exhibition, where the participants were invited to reflect on “living in the 21st century”, thinking and drawing an intimate shelter for themselves. “Still Cabanon” is a reference to the well-known project “Le Cabanon”, designed in 1952 by Le Corbusier, which remained for history as a reflection on the condensation of the living space, on the polyvalence of space and its uses.

The artist Jérémy Pajeanc and the GA Studio were chosen to join now the first group of artist from the first exhibition which took place in Coimbra, in 2017.

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Still Cabanon
Casa da Arquitectura