Atelier de Jardim AS

Vale do Ave | Portugal

A couple of doctors gather friends and colleagues to meetings and thematic workshops. Without an adequate space in the current house, arises the need to create a small multifunctional building in a contiguous terrain.

The two terrains are located on the edge of the town, in the slope of the valley, at different heights and separated by a retaining wall with unclear design. In the highest one arises the existing house, detached at the center, and on the other, a beautiful garden with large trees and a lake that anticipates the river below. It was essential to preserve the visual relationship between the house and the garden, which seemed untouchable, with few sunny areas, making it difficult to choose where the new construction would deploy.

The new building arises from the idea of redefining the supporting wall limit, assuming the new construction as a piece that unifies the two terrains. Thus, the upper platform is extended through a stabilized cover/garden that stands out from the wall and that is divided into two uneven structures, preserving the visual relationship between the existing house and the lake.

Photo: ©NUDO