Aphros Wine

The wine cellar designed for Aphros Wine in one of the company’s farm, in Ponte de Lima (Portugal), is located in a place over the vineyard, next to the existing house, overlooking the Lima’s valley.

The building starts from an industrial base and searches through volumetry and facades disposal a relationship of identity with the landscape and the brand. The square plan of 30 x 30 meters was divided into quadrants with separate compartments which, despite being interconnected spaces, gain a visual autonomy and ambience as a consequence of the sloping roofs which strengthen the plant divisions, deconstructing on the outside the volume of large proportions.

Location | Ponte de Lima, Portugal

Status | Under construction

Client | Aphros Wine

Photography | © NUDO


APHROS WINE is a company that produces the famous portuguese wine “vinho verde”.
Based in the Minho region, in Portugal, APHROS produces for worldwide a wine that results from a biodynamic culture, based in a holistic way of understanding the relationships within Nature and connected to the larger context of the rythms and forces present in the Cosmos.

As a client, APHROS shared with us the idea of a certain simplicity and clarity as the basis for any process.