Location: São paulo, BrazilLand area: 2200m²Building area: 8650m²Status: CompletedPhotography: ©Fernando Guerra 

The Árbol is a housing complex of eleven floors, located in Vila Ipojuca in São Paulo, developed for the homebuilder IDEA! ZARVOS. The first two floors occupy the entire lot, leaving free a central courtyard from which rises the volume of twenty-five residential apartments. The residential tower was “bended” in order to turn towards the best views, separating the building in two wings: three and four bedrooms. The “tree” appears as a metaphor emphasizing the idea that the building can grow and mature, promoting the rehabilitating of the surrounding urban fabric, creating roots with the community. The project establishes a contrast between a solid and sturdy base (like a vase) and the body of the building as a branching, with all the subtle variations in color and detail.

IDEA!ZARVOS is a Brazilian company, based in São Paulo. Its main philosophy of action is the concern with the whole, the transformation of neighborhoods as an extension of each apartment. They seek projects of authors who are able to understand that neighborhood relationship and surprise people with high-quality buildings.www.ideazarvos.com.br

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