AT House

Póvoa de Lanhoso | Portugal

The definition of the project starts from two fundamental conditions: the terrain’s orientation – North / South – which allows its use as a structuring factor in the house’s implantation; the geometry and terrain type – mostly cultivated area that is important to preserve.

Starting from the solar orientation, we decided to dispose the habitation to south and to organize the entire building horizontally, turning the main elevation to the cultivated land. The implantation area abuts to the public road, taking advantage of the facilities and releasing the land to the maximum. In geometric terms, the house is structured from a concrete plan that is elevated from the ground, allowing to develop part of the program below: a support area for cultivation, the garage and the space comprising the pool’s volume. In the upper part, the house is organized on one single floor, where the glazed surfaces are privileged, constituting a permanent fixture in the entire construction.

The pathways disposition coincides with the volume interruption, covered by the blade that is aligned with the pool’s volume and that extends beyond the slab, causing the built-up area to infiltrate on the ground. The building access is made through the public road side, by a path parallel to the housing. The entrance hall is marked by a small outside of the building volume, which is extended inside by a wall that crosses the house and “virtually” separates the most private area (rooms) and the social area (kitchen and living room).

Foto: ©Pedro Lobo