Campsite PTL

The main concept of the proposal is based on the definition of a high square that is deformed in terraces, allowing to create different platforms where have been disposed the main buildings and bungalows.

There is a fragmentation and volumetric reduction movement until we reach the wooded park, where the tents are disposed in free deployment. The bungalows arise metaphorically as large granite blocks that were deposited on the land. Symbolically, it lead us to the blocks that were taken from the excavation of the Concert Hall (also in Ponte de Lima), consolidating their nature as twin projects. The rude and cold character that is felt outside is opposed by the warm, comfortable and intimate interiors, where the main material is wood. The bungalows interior space is worked differently, allowing to adjust the environment to different types of costumers.

Status | Ongoing

Client | City of Ponte de Lima