Concert Hall

The proposed building to the concert hall is assumed as a sculptural essay, a piece that arises in the park as a work of art in a garden, lost in time. Located at a lower level in relation to the street level, allowing the connection with an outdoor parking area on the opposite side of the road, the terrain is tamed and as a result arises a slight, loose and enigmatic piece that can be seen when entering in Ponte de Lima. A path and an amphitheater are defined and the intervention area is “filled” with the new topography. The green park arises, near the existing road, where is “digged” the new access, like a hand that removes the land and leaves behind a mold on the ground. The new topography is assumed as a hollow structure that allows its apropriation for several programs at the basement level: first the parking, with the dignity of a living room, the foyer that unfolds on two floors and the main room that breaks the ground rising through the scene tower, like the rehearsal room. The rest of the program is aggregated by function in the leftover space.

Location | Ponte de Lima, Portugal

Status | Project

Client | Ponte de Lima City Council