Location: Viseu, PortugalLand area: 3000m²Building area: 2800m²Status: CompletedPhotography: ©NUDOGPS: 40° 34' 39.242" N | 7° 58' 50.909" W

Answering a request for the conception and design of a gourmet restaurant, we developed the project with the idea of a private Guesthouse as a complement to the former. The ensemble intends to relate itself with the wine production and to frame the investment into a global brand strategy, rather than an isolated act on site. The Guesthouse doesn’t have a formal reception, the services create an intimate, familiar and exclusive atmosphere. The room isn’t just the private domain, it includes other spaces of social character, which makes this equipment different from the usual supply for temporary housing. The room is indeed a small house. The established connection with the wine production justifies the restaurant. Spaces for wine tastings and a reserved area for analysis, discussion and wine critique are included, which suggests a flexible design for the space in all its uses. The building’s design is developed from the topography, based on topographic curves, as a reference to the platforms and the distant connection that binds them in time, characteristic to the wine production, especially in the regions of Douro and Dão.It defines an extensive path that represents the dimension of the terrain it is located in, and it is built on a certain level, as a direct result of the topography. The building is designed by the terrain, and its openings, orientation and program definition respect the main views over the vineyards, the control of natural light and the discretion that is intended for the ensemble, despite its apparent dimension.The attraction point where the building is located creates a tension between the preexisting building and the new construction, establishing themselves as two poles, forcing the creation of a connecting path. The location of the new constructions is only the continuity of that path; a drawing over the landscape, a constructed path leaning towards the beauty of the linear rhythm of the vineyards.

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