Braga | Portugal

This industrial complex truly offers a notion of a residencial quarter, in the relationship between elements, sectors, road system, well defined hierarchy and relationships and even in the treatment of the periphery, the progression of constructive density and nature of the installed units. 

The project arises from a pavilion that is divided into four modules in order to accommodate several departments: electricity, locksmithing, mechanics and a refectory/locker room area and also an administrative area. In a second phase the territory is delimited, especially by building an input element and the gatehouse. In response to the need for the locksmithing expand, arises, at a later stage, a new pavilion and simultaneously the need for a global transformation and the development of an overall plan capable of withstanding the inevitable company’s growth. 

This project, besides its primary mission, it should also be interpreted as a booster agent of the business dynamics. The project is above all dynamic and in that evolving sense goes on to offer and stimulate uses, spaces, organizations and with its impact on the promoters, receiving further growth stimulus.

Photos: © Pedro Lobo