ESL - Escola Secundária de Lousada

Location: Lousada, PortugalStatus: CompletedPhotography: ©NUDO

ESL belonged to a group of school-type that once proliferated all over the country, changing its configuration according to the topography and terrain configuration, strongly disconnected with the surrounding.The intervention takes partly advantage of the existing buildings, especially in its structural components and some facades. The preexistence is used to give the initial impetus to the project and to establish more diversity in terms of implantation. The building arises as a square surrounded by buildings and gardens, where the project emphasizes the idea of openness to the community and strengthens its institutional character, translated into a clear programmatic distribution: on the upper floors are located the main teaching areas and on ground floors the opening areas to the community and students.The building boundary is a “skin” on plate that creates a merged and subtle transition between the environment, the vegetation and the heart of the building, making the limit more delicate and ensuring a good relationship between the new building and the existing one.

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