FO House

Joane | Portugal

On the terrain there was an old barn from which we kept the existing walls and the outside threshing floor, both in stone.

The new construction is structured in two floors: on the ground floor is organized the living/dining room, the kitchen (facing east) and a central volume between the two previous spaces and where are inserted a bathroom, a pantry to support the kitchen and the stairwell; on the upper floor, two symmetrical bedrooms, oriented to the east and with a common bathroom, and a master bedroom, which is accessed from an opposite route to the two previous bedrooms. The suite and route’s design allows the tearing of an interior courtyard that opens to the north.

On the terrain are arranged three structures that support the main house: a garage, a laundry room and an open courtyard that occupies the space between the two previous volumes and enables their crossing.

Photo: ©Pedro Lobo