Geira Museum

Campo do Gerês | Portugal

The project is a response to a contest: a museum about the roman roads, about its history and construction systems, particularly related with the existing roads in the area. The large trees, the stone walls and the field that slopes gently toward the river. The atmosphere was serene, balanced, a palpable silence that was essential to preserve. The main theme of the contest, related to the roman road, suggested the expression of what it was intended for that place: a gesture; a mark on the ground, like the Cardus and the Decumanus; a road that runs through the landscape to the river. The museum itself is assumed as an entry for the road, a subtle intervention that respects the place.

The building abuts to a wall, allowing to continue the existing platform that supports the Ethnographic Museum of Vilarinho das Furnas / PNPG building. The project redefined the existing boundaries and reorganized the routes of access to both museums, making them clearer. We kept the visual permeability that develops in the north, into the valley, ensuring a great visual range in the place.

The stone was the chosen material from the beginning, ensuring the balance between the new building and the existing elements.

Photos: ©Pedro Lobo