Location: São Paulo, BrazilLand area: 1725m²Building area: 8587m²Status: ConstructionPhotography: ©Idea!Zarvos

Harmonia 1040 is a residential building located in Vila Madalena, São Paulo (Brazil), which also incorporates some areas for shops and smaller apartments mainly for rent.  The building arises from the search for balance between the large vertical scale, which becomes a visual landmark, and a more welcoming horizontal plane, better prepared for the new urban dynamics. Outside, the ambiguity of the volumes is intentional, creating the feeling that there are two buildings, although one and the other are inseparable. The break in the middle of the building from the second floor establishes this separation, allowing the residential tower to assume a more elegant construction. The approach and entrance to the building was sought to be inviting, and the transition between the promenade and the entrance halls was not abrupt. At the residential entrance, the promenade’s garden extends into the building through the pavement and the upper terraces, creating a four-story high atrium, cutting the corner of the tower.

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