JC House

Ponte de Lima – Portugal

Integrated in a rural and bucolic environment, dominated by manors and brooks as neighborhood, the house is composed by two volumes: a low and discreet body, partially buried in the ground and that opens up to the landscape, as a way of relating with the environment; and a vertical module, that is assumed as a moment of rupture. The landscape was asking it. An observation about its fullest extent.

The house’s entry is made from the roof of the horizontal volume, a clear scenic option, where the kitchen and the living room take protagonism, assuming the act of cooking as a social act. This volume ends with a large balcony that opens up over the landscape and includes, on the ground floor, a support area and a secondary bedroom for guests. At the vertical body, with discreet access from the lower volume, is defined an exclusively private program: a superior room that occupies the entire perimeter and at the inner core are organized the sanitary facilities and other support structures.

The “modern house” inserted in the rural environment, is not an exception if we take it as an upgrade from neighboring manors. The “tower” of the intimate area, once dominated by vegetation, will define the character of the building, a camouflage of the new by the existing.

Photos: ©NUDO | ©Juan Rodríguez