Casa de Magalhães Home for the Elderly

Freixo - Viana do Castelo | Portugal

Inside a white house lives a benefactress lady. She donates the land, home and attachments to build a home for the elderly. She only requires that the construction be done prior to her death. It all starts from the house; it is the center and the symbol.

The new building results from the expansion of the existing platform floor, where two courtyards are defined at the center, dematerializing the built mass, as if a part of the building had been removed, exposing its interior. Arranged around the courtyard the social areas and the 27 rooms invite the fellowship of a shared life, a sense of connection and security. Inside, the circulations are simple, direct, bright and spacious. The lobby runs through the building, creating two opposing starters, main and service. Outside, the rhythm of the facade refers to the tree trunks, a blending option, highlighting the existing houses, white-washed.

Photos: © NUDO