Mário Sequeira Gallery

Braga | Portugal

The intervention can be summarized to a gesture. The respect for the place, not in the sense of the landscape, but the inherent habits and attitudes in the “feel“of the place became evident when the building was inserted in an area where the identity principles of the surrounding environment and the strong sense of preservation are cultivated.

The project for an art gallery, with all the particularities and needs inherent to a building with such specific uses and functions, enabled it to “live” underground, where it can respond to all the initially proposed requirements. The visual silence maintained on the surface increases the expectation of the observer before the duality of scale that he is faced with: nothing on the surface and much inside.

The growing scale of space imposed on the observer as he is introduced into the building, stimulates him and enhances the contrasts of light, color, scale… To complement the simple and elementarity program: a living room, access zones and circulation spaces, which not only enriched the set but also increased the “public” character of the building. The interior space, apparently closed, opens to the outside on the east side and the “unfolding” of what initially might consider constraints, meanwhile utilized as key references, contribute to the formation of a simple idea: an architecture that searchs the release of all the pre-defined formal references and typologies. The awareness of the place, which served as the main orientation of the project refers to a design that favors the rurality of the place; an adaptation to the physical space with which does not interfere, discreet and “silent”, as the building.

GPS: 41° 33′ 40.612″ N | 8° 27′ 42.386″ W

Photos: ©Pedro Lobo | ©NUDO