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- Publishing a project or other subject about CA office.
- Obtaining information about some project for academic purposes or organizing study tours.
- Requesting CA office participation in conferences or other types of events.



- Knowing what and how we work.
- Ordering a project (procedures).
- Proposing some partnership or investment.



- Applications submission for internships, employment and collaborations.


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“Architecture is too important to be limited to construction... It has to function almost as a place of worship, capable of causing sensations, shivers, and other things that cannot be explained.”



The Carvalho Araújo atelier was founded in 1996 by José Manuel Carvalho Araújo, in Braga (Portugal) and its field of action is the development of Architecture and Design projects of different scales and approaches, always with a strategic, rational and simultaneously poetic posture .

With a multidisciplinary team composed of architects, product designers, communication and image designers, the essence of each project lies in the fusion of different disciplines.

The Carvalho Araújo atelier has a large volume of consolidated projects  not only in the national territory, but also in other European countries, in Brazil, in the United States of America and in Africa.

01 Studio

"It's not the isolated project that matters, but the path."



A new project starts with understanding the request and the place. The program is an immediate customer need. He is the one who knows the needs first, but we can (and should) question the program in order to understand what his real needs and ambitions are.

Each client is presented with different solutions, and that's when we get the maximum pleasure out of the project. We speculate, test, create sets and treat the building like an actor in a play. The city is your stage. We try to value the place. And each place has its specificity and context, which may require a more visible or quieter intervention. This entire process is carried out with enthusiasm, but with the awareness that the final result of the project must respond to the created expectation.

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