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4700-322, Braga Portugal
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- Publishing a project or other subject about CA office.
- Obtaining information about some project for academic purposes or organizing study tours.
- Requesting CA office participation in conferences or other types of events.



- Knowing what and how we work.
- Ordering a project (procedures).
- Proposing some partnership or investment.



- Applications submission for internships, employment and collaborations.


team 1
team 2

”One of the characteristics of the work we've developed, and I believe that the growth we've had has been a consequence of this way of looking at the project, is to make the small big and vice versa. There are those who say that we need big works, but in reality we have big works... But we treat them as if they were small. This search for simplicity... Even because the works are for people and for this reason it is essential that they understand the work. The most demanding thing is to try to simplify the complexity inherent to the project, but this exercise is part of the process, which for us is fundamental... Perhaps even more fundamental than the final result, which must, however, show this simplicity.”



José Manuel Carvalho Araújo

Alejandro Cabrera
Alexandre Branco
Ana Carolina Moura

Ana Fernandes

Beatriz Tavares

Feramy Hernández
Fernanda Araújo

Gonçalo Fernandes

Hélder Ferreira

Helena Morais
Hugo Carvalho Araújo
Inês Braga

Joana Teles
Joel Moniz

José Carvalho Araújo

Liam Romo
Pedro Mendes

Rui Barbosa
Sandra Ferreira

Simão Silva

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